The Costs of Online Reputation Management

The Costs of Online Reputation Management

Nearly every business and brand has a need for reputation management services, but not all of them can afford it.

Every ORM service is different, and so are their packages, billing plans and methods for cleaning up and monitoring any situations you might have.

In this article we are going to cover some of the most common practices being used by top ORM agencies. After reading through our list, you should have a better idea of how much these services might cost you, along with having a better understanding if this is something you would like to personally manage or outsource completely.

Brand Name Monitoring

The first thing every individual, brand and business should be doing (whether they have issues or not) is monitor the internet for their own name or brand mentions. This is crucial to addressing issues quickly and knowing what people are saying about you and why.

In terms of getting this done, you can actually start monitoring your mentions for free through services like Google Alerts, or paid services like Trackur and Mention.

Social Media Activity

Search engines and web content is one thing, social media is another. With over 2 billion users spread across major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can be sure someone is talking about you or your brand.

When it comes time to monitor your mentions across social media, you are going to need to go for high end premium tracking tools. Many of these services range in the $50-$200+ range per month depending on words tracked and social networks covered.

Most ORM firms include advanced online, search and social media tracking within their campaigns as well.

Content Creation

Reputation management isn’t just about tracking where your mentions are, it’s also about creating content around your name, brand and business that people will find value in.

This type of content creation can be for your own web site, blog, social profiles, media outreach and also for other content based sites.

When it comes to content creation, this is something that can be written by yourself, outsourced or through an ORM service. Obviously, they go in that same order in terms of pricing and costs as well. Outsourced article creation may cost $60-$80 per 1,000 word article, while content creation through an ORM firm may cost double or triple that amount.

When writing content, it’s always important to provide value, make your brand message clear and also use proper headlines, tags and formatting to improve your chances to rank in the search results.

High Authority Content & Links

Many ORM firms will partner with top news and media outlets to get their articles covered by major sites. This is one of the biggest benefits to going with a top online reputation management firm, simply because they have connections that many of us simply don’t have.

At the same time, these connections will cost a decent amount of money. Content promotions across big name sites like Forbes, HuffingtonPost, Examiner and others can run anywhere from $800 to $3,000+ per article.

Ranking in the Search Results

Most reputation management starts and ends in the search results, as that is where the most volume and first impressions are made.

Getting to the top of the search results isn’t fast, cheap or easy. For anyone who isn’t already well trained in SEO, this is where ORM firms will make a good amount of their money as well.

When trying to rank at the top of the search results for your name or brand, several factors will come into play… such as, who is currently outranking your content, the competitiveness of your keywords and also if you are trying to push down any negative content in the process.

Depending on each of these factors, the actual costs and length of time needed to rank in the search results will vary — but you should easily expect to pay a few thousand dollars per month.

Online Reputation Management Starts and Ends with You

No matter if you are looking to outsource the process or try it on your own, it’s a complicating process and takes time. Don’t expect results over night and don’t also hire the first ORM agency that you find. Put in the time and effort to learn about each of the different services being offered, while also comparing industry rates.

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